Steel Tailored Solutions

In order to meet customer requirements, TROUET offers cold rolled, tincoated and zinc coated steel in compliance with current standards:

Electrolytic Tinplate – Tin Coated Steel
Mild Steel for Cutting – Drawing- Cold Forming
Galvanized – Electro galvanized – Pre-painted Steel – Aluzinc

While providing services of cut-to-length in sheets, strips, slitting into strip coils – lacquering – printing on request to deliver the product in required form:
Plain sheet and / or lacquer, color coating, printing
Coil – plain strip / slit coil and/or, lacquer, color coating

Above steel products are intended for industrial applications in following branches:

Steel packaging: metal box / cans – pails – drums – ends – lids – muzzler plates – crown corks – caps – closures and cosmetic packaging.
Automotive Industry: filters and other components
Household applances: cake – pastry bakeware and industrial bakery – gas cardridge components – cookware
Electronics: batteries – TV – Computer components
Inside finishing works: Accessories for building partitions, ceilings, home and office furnishing